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Holland Shielding Systems BV.

Since 2010, AC Architecture and Design becomes the official distributor of Holland Shielding Systems in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Cyprus. Holland Shielding Systems is a leading company in the Electromagnetic Shielding sector, (Faraday Cages) and was established in 1984.

It has many references through out the world in Electromagnetic Shielding. AC Architecture and Design have involved in many shielding projects and continue to work as an expert in this field as the only architectural company in Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Electromagnetic Shielding is known as Faraday Cage system and can be used in many areas. These systems are used especially in Hospitals, in MRI rooms, EEG and EMG rooms in order to block the electromagnetic waves.


Holland Shielding Systems BV Turkish site
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Established in 1985, Holland Shielding Systems, began serving the electronics industry from its location in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
We serve our customers with high quality & low cost shielding solutions and manufactures a wide range of EMI/RFI shielding products, as EMI Gaskets, Fingerstrips, Conductive tapes, honeycomb windows.

We even design and install complete Faraday Cages, for hospitals as well as military- and tempest bunkers. 

We manufacture shielded doors, tents, filters, ventilations, enclosures and windows. 


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